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February 5, 2010
By KittieKat GOLD, Niagara, Wisconsin
KittieKat GOLD, Niagara, Wisconsin
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The hospital sheets are white,
As white as Grandma's pale skin.
She's lying on the hospital bed,
perhaps never to speak again.
They say her lungs aren't working,
That her heart cannot properly beat.
Near her death is waiting,
Waiting for he and Grandma to meet.
Her breaths are short and raspy,
Her face so tired and pale.
Breathing and speaking are hard tasks,
And her heart begins to fail.
Her breath, in barely a whisper, comes out
and says, "I love you." and her hand falls.
She is gone, forever, from Earth.
Grandma answered God's calls.
She's in Heaven now, smiling from above.
Someday we'll meet again...
Death will call Grandpa and me,
And she'll be waiting until then.

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