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February 7, 2010
By hannahmontanaaa SILVER, Paoli, Indiana
hannahmontanaaa SILVER, Paoli, Indiana
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"A hospital bed is like a taxi with the meter running"

What is Life?
Life is where we live and die.
Life is where we tell the truth, and lie.
Life is where we breathe at ease.
Life is where we float in the breeze.
Life is where we love and hate.
Life is where we under-estimate.

We are put on this Earth for something special. Live your life, the way you see, and not the way others view it. We live in a world of trust and honesty, not a world of discrimination and racism.
I see the world as a big, rotating, ball of life and judgment. Although we cannot control what other people say or think, we can control what we say and what we think. Don't live life like you have a screaming boss over your shoulder. Live life like you're the boss over your own shoulder.
This poem should follow the golden rule my second grade teacher had taped to her desk: "Treat others like YOU want to be treated"

The author's comments:
It took me about 15 minutes to write this. I'm glad I did I know I had to get something out just didn't know what.

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