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Valentine's Day

February 7, 2010
By Bigbirdocho SILVER, Kent, Connecticut
Bigbirdocho SILVER, Kent, Connecticut
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Get Ready for love, life and most of all get ready for Valentines day

Their eyes met from across the ballroom,
He walks over to the well- dressed rich girl who was sitting with her fancy friends from across the room; he holds out his hand his heart racing a mile per beat.
Can you feel it can you feel the love between the two here tonight?
Cause I can.
Everyone in the room have gathered here tonight to celebrate "Lovers Day" with their special someone,
But in this room no one dances all people have separated by gender and placed themselves on different sides of the room.
The boy asks the girl to place her hand in his and just dance the night away in the moonlight that shinned upon the floor,
The Orchestra started playing a soothing love piece in the back of the room for the young couple who made it out to the dancing floor.
The girl's friends whisper among themselves "Looks like fate fell short for Linda,'' as they snickered at the man she danced with,
Granted he wasn't as rich as her or as well- dressed as she was here tonight at the ball but love does have a strange effect on people especially these two.
The group of men on the adjacent side of the group of girls stared them down for laughing at their friend, their brother and their cousin.

The Grandfather Clock struck Midnight
The two continue to dance under the moonlight as they have the whole rooms undivided attention.
He holds her like how a new parent holds their infant child; delicately and lovingly,
The air outside is more dense and the temperature on the thermometer goes below 5 degrees Fahrenheit, but it has no effect on the two lovers.
They'll leave when they want to; their smiles are fading into the Winter's elegant night,
The Ball ends three hours later, he takes her hand and brings her out into the morning he smiles at her; she smiles right back as they walk with minimal space between them.
Love has made them lost in each others beauty and has also made them disillusioned to the world around them,
He gets home after dropping her off at her house, falls into his bed feeling alone, lost scared, nervous, anxious, love sick not knowing what will happen in the later hours that February 15th will bring to him and to Linda.
But all he knows that for once in his 21 year life that tonight the night of his 21st Valentine's Day that was actually the best time of his life.
As for her, she came home took a hour shower, drank some hard liquor to ease the screaming between her mother and father,
She walked cautiously down the spiral staircase as she enters the kitchen, seeing the black eye on her mother that her loving father gave her.
He explained to Linda that she can never see that boy ever again and that later she is getting married to a fortune 500 son heir.
She fell down to the hard cold kitchen floor crying his name not her fiances name but the one boy for her, as she called his name several times he jumped out of his bed not knowing what just happened.

Life fell short this Valentine's Day....

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It is about Lover's Day

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