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I'll Do It All For You

February 10, 2010
By Wolfy DIAMOND, Huntsville, Alabama
Wolfy DIAMOND, Huntsville, Alabama
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I'm going to run,
Run as fast as a cheetah,
For what seems like an infinite distance.

I'm going to fly,
Fly as gracefully as a hawk,
As high as the glittering stars above.

I'm going to gallop,
Gallop as joyfully as a mustang,
As loudly as a roll of thunder in a silent night.

I'm going to climb,
Climb as jokingly as a monkey,
Until the very top.

I'm going to swim,
Swim as playfully as a dolphin,
Until there is no more water.

I'm going to sing,
Sing as sweetly as a songbird,
More perfectly than any song ever before.

And I'll do it all for you.

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