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My Hell

February 10, 2010
By Razor SILVER, Everett, Washington
Razor SILVER, Everett, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Behind the hatred there lies a murderous desire for love"

Sit and question your exsistence as then sun crashes into the earth.
You walk down the path of darkness as the undead memories of who you once were grab at your ankle.
The field of flowers and innocence where you would play as a child smells of decaying flesh as you walts thru stepping on the hearts and skulls of the ones you hurt.
At the end of your journey lays a coffin but you are resistent to follow through.
A low dark voice is carried on the wings of the wind. It speaks of flames of quilt and waters of boiling acid. You step into this river as you watch your flesh fall from your bones just like fall leaves.
You awake from this nightmare in a cold sweat. you reach over to touch safelt but your eyes fall upon an empty space where your lover should rest. You're eyes fill with tears of great remorse. WELCOME TO MY HELL.

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