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My Cards

February 17, 2010
By games BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
games BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
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when you stumble upon love do all you can to keep it from stumbling out

The cards i was delt is bringing me pain that i can not bare i need to lift this wieght off my shoulders let someone else hold it as you can see it's blood i bleed and my souls in two

so tell me what i should do play the card right and change my life deal to my left deal to my right dont let none peek let them seek

seek for the life you have in your hand sand then finally take the last stand the cards i was delt have suddenly changed they no longer bring me pain the cards i was delt i played them right i no longer need to hold on tiight

the cards i was delt is my life

The author's comments:
the way people life is going in 2010 is what exspired me to write this i hope people get that just because you have been delt the bad hand of cards dont mean you cant change them

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