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our secret language

February 26, 2010
By c13579 GOLD, Weston, Massachusetts
c13579 GOLD, Weston, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"if love be blind, love cannot hit the mark"- Shakespeare ( romeo and juliet )

Spanish is our secret language.
It’s where our kindling fire grew.
Sometimes I'm unsure if we were ever once a fire, for attraction was all I knew.
Days on days the teachers watched us as our love aspired.
Flirtation was our weakness,
For it made our friendship shatter
We had some unfortunate bumps on our winding road,
The destination hasn’t yet been reached.
But I still feel like i'm just walking all alone
You don’t judge me,
You don’t hate me,
But love is such an unfamiliar word.
Our relationships are bipolar,
One minute we are together,
The next minute we are traveling on two alternate roads
Only to meet,
When you have the chance.


Just a friend

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