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Forever a Broken Heart

March 7, 2010
By deathismyfavoritewordbutmygreatestfear SILVER, Collinsville, Connecticut
deathismyfavoritewordbutmygreatestfear SILVER, Collinsville, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
Without you my life was like a starless night

Every night
As I sit and wait
For darkness to consume me
I think of the wonder
Of the ever broken heart
Just barely beating inside of me

I can’t help
But to gaze at the stars
Pretending they are all fallen dreams
That were once so prominent
Keeping my heart
From being eternally still

When the touches of an ever broken heart
Finally set in
And I feel myself breaking
Falling deeper and deeper
Into the dark cold abyss
That has finally opened inside of me

The final dream is revealed
To false, too late
Because as I hit the floor
I shatter

Now I’m finally gone
Vanquished the pains
Of the heart
That was forever broken

The author's comments:
This was another poem that I worte when I was bored. This one is about a relationship with a friend that went bad because he cheated. the guy then went on to dat e2 of my other friends, and cheated on both of them. People dislike me now because of him, except for the people who are in the same situation. I hope that more people are smart enough to see what he did, and that he'll get what he deserves. Please give me your opinions. It would help so much.

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