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Doesn't need a Title, the words say it all

April 7, 2010
By ForbiddenLovers... BRONZE, Somewhere..., Georgia
ForbiddenLovers... BRONZE, Somewhere..., Georgia
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"Love, Happiness, everything imaginable, is possible, when I look in your eyes...I feel my heart pound out of my chest...I feel such joy just by hearing your voice..."

Lives are to be valued? Then why is there
death caused by others? Why is it that no
matter what we do, we can never change a thing?
It's not like many people would notice, or even care,
but how could you not see the suffering? Why just the show
that is put on all around us? Each word has a familiar bitter ring,
when talking about it. Yet so few notice...

Death isn't to be feared? So why is it so many are
so afraid that they decide instead to take away
others' lives? Perhaps they think that if they take life
away from others they will feel better even if their minds are afar
in thoughts, in dreams, just hoping to make it to a new day.
No matter what...if a life is prolongs this strife
we are going through. No, it does not shorten it
contrary to previous thoughts.

Yes Life is to be valued, but in order for people to see that
perhaps we do need to lose a few things...but what if its too much that's lost?
Then do we have the rights to have nightmares...or give up hope?
How much more can it possibly be taken away, before reaching that ultimate cost?
It can't be that much more, with the sadness and bitterness etched
into faces. It hurts to see them this way, this hopeless...
but what is there to do?

Death is and isn't to be feared. Why spend your life, in
that shroud of fear? It's not worth the pain.
Yet it is so easy...just to revert back, and stay
in that cloud of wariness its almost pathetic.
It is hard to keep hope in a hopeless world.
Hard to dream in a monotonous society.

A society so filled with suffering, and sadness...
that we cannot dissever it from our daily lives,
as if it's the only thing we truly know. Everything pales
when it comes to how "it all can be changed"
Yeah right...human nature, is human nature. You
can't change that. Who would want to?

Live for today? It may be hard...but not impossible.
Letting go of the past, harder still, but nessacary.
Forgiving ones' self for tragedies that occured?
Unbearably difficult. Heart aching, sob starting
daunting task...yet if one doesn't they
can never live for for a reason.

The author's comments:
I look around and see pain...I look around and see tears, it makes my heart ache. I listen with eyes wide, and tears flowing, to stories that would make even the toughest person, break down. Never once do I consider saying, leave me alone, I can't take it anymore... Doesn't everyone deserve a chance to be heard, and be understood?

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