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Child's World

April 4, 2010
By Wit_and_Envy PLATINUM, Salem, Oregon
Wit_and_Envy PLATINUM, Salem, Oregon
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This is a child's world,
Small children, climb the trees,
The parents below,
Wonder how the children got up there,
And how the parents will get the children down,
Sweet chubby faces, smile at everything,
Children ask questions about the trees,
Sticky hands climb up my knees,
I pick up my sister,
She asks me why I cry,
She asks me why there are red lines,
I smile when she hugs me,
And the tears that fell, seem to disappear,
Children are magical.

This world, is not a child's world,
It is too cold and evil,
To have tiny souls,
Innocent souls,
Be forced to see,
What I have seen,
Terror hides behind the smiles that adults wear,
People run,
From buildings that fall onto the back of Earth,
Gunshots ring out, like an unholy symphony,
Blood runs in rivers down the pavement of the street,
Innocent souls,
Hide under desks,
As the bombs fall down,
This is not a child's world.

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