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From the Sun, With Love

April 11, 2010
By ElisaH BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
ElisaH BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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The sun sets just as it rises,
The fate of doom prowling on the corner of darkness,
Just when there is light 'tis taken away,
Just when there is hope 'tis is shot.

The sun sets faster than it rises,
Humans creating artificial light to prolong artificial pleasure,
When push comes to shove they hide in the dim,
Sneering at all who bring light.

The Sun's rays are beams of hope,
However, the actions from one man radiate an earthquake,
One that shall not be lived down for times to come.

What about our actions?

How do we prevent future breakouts?

The sun is never up too long,
As we push it away as it shines our scars,
The words of light cut too deep,
Eating away everything artificial.

The Sun is there to only help,
But what do we comprehend of truthful reasoning?
We listen with our eyes turned off,
Hopefully counting the minutes 'til sunset.

Uneventful bore dome leads to an eventful moment,
Where curiosity kills the cat,
All while happening with the Sun away,
For if the Sun were up we would be safe.

Is it not a shame we pushed the sun away?
Leaving it all by its lonesome self:
For the Sun feeds on shining its rays,
Is it really a wonder the Sun is shrinking!

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem when I was listening to one of my parents arguments. I basically wrote how I felt while centering it around the Sun, and then later refined it, but not too much. This poem is not meant to make sense, and I just realized that to each and every person it will probably mean something different; I don't believe it has one specific meaning. The same with the Sun, I believe the Sun will mean something different to different people. With this poem, I want people to personalize. I am open to constructive critism, definately open! I am going to major Creative Writing at college, and I know I have years of learning ahead of me, but to start somewhere is the key, non?

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