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April 18, 2010
By FreakShow818 PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
FreakShow818 PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
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Feel the rain on your skin
It pours down all around you
No umbrellas today
But that's alright
The hand you hold
Is warm despite this cold
The streets are dark and lonely
But that's okay
The setting sun is shining in his eyes
It seems to melt these rainclouds all away
Turning, dancing, spinning, laughing
Nothing could go wrong
There is no way to read between these flawless lines
This is your perfect day
The thunder claps
The rain pours harder
And that's okay
Everything is free
Everything is right
You kiss his mouth
He smiles
Eyes closed
Shoes are off
Cold feet splash the black street
The streetlights flicker as the sun is finally gone
As the rain ricoches off the blacktop
And everything is fine
Everything is fine...

The author's comments:
This is my version of a perfect day. It helps me to visualize something I want.

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on May. 9 2010 at 6:52 pm
sparkofheart GOLD, Plymouth, Minnesota
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amazing imagery i loved it!!!!