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dear summer love,

April 18, 2010
By jessa-lynn PLATINUM, Elyria, Ohio
jessa-lynn PLATINUM, Elyria, Ohio
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giving up dosent always mean your weak, sometimes it just means your strong enough to let go.
(i love it when people comment on my work}

im not wrighting this to tell you how mutch i miss you,
or to tell you that i wish you were here,
im not driving 25 minutes to the post office to mail you some crappy love letter,
so here goes,
we had a good time that may be true,
but it was just a crush,
when you said that you loved me,
it wasnt true,
we were just in the moment,
when i said it back,
i thought i ment it ,
but i didnt,
so since we will most likely soon be in another relationship and will never see each other again,
lets leave our romance to the summer, that made us fall and fall hard, i will never forget the time we spent at each others side

The author's comments:
i had a huge crush at this summer camp last year and the entire week we could only see each other at the beach, no one else, im sure that lots of other people can relate to the letter that i gave him at the end of the week, wether at school, vacation, or just at bible camp, everyone has there romeo+julet moments

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