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forever (love story)

May 4, 2010
By jessa-lynn PLATINUM, Elyria, Ohio
jessa-lynn PLATINUM, Elyria, Ohio
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giving up dosent always mean your weak, sometimes it just means your strong enough to let go.
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as you walk by,
with a group of friends,
you take a small glance at me,
then you keep walking,
but for that quick moment,
when your eyes met mine,
i felt content,
like i had everything i would ever need, and for that fraction of a second, my world was complete,
my heart stopped,
i had the universe in my hands,
as you sit at lunch,
i cant help but stare at those eyes
that captured me in a way that no other could, i think you felt my eyes on you because you looked up and smiled, you looked away at the same time as I, i blushed and you continued eating,
its the day of the dance, and i don't have a date, so i sit in the corner, hopless, and lonely,
i look up and see you holding out your hand to me, as if to say "lets dance",
i could not breath, and those eyes made me weaker by the second,
i stood up and while shaking i took your hand, and we danced,
its hard to believe that today is our sixth annaversary,
we are fresh out of collage,
and still hoplessly inlove,
you got down on one knee,
and looked at me with those same eyes, that made me fall for you six years ago, then you asked the question i thoughr i would never hear.
and today as i walk up to the alter, and stare into your magical eyes, i say the two words that will forever bond us together,
and i give you my heart as i say
"i do"

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