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I'm not strong enough...

May 12, 2010
By Tayy♥ PLATINUM, Winchester, Indiana
Tayy♥ PLATINUM, Winchester, Indiana
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He ignores me.
He pretend I don't exist,
but why can't he see,
that i'm here, i'm real.

I like him, quite alot.
I look up to him.
He means so much,
but he acts like all men.

Only he's worse.
He's a sweet talker,
he gets what he wants.
Everything he wants.

He uses me,
to get those things.
Why can't he see,
that it hurts me inside?

He hurts me so bad,
the pain cuts deep.
It showa on the outside
for everyone to see.

But what can I do,
when i'm so deep down
in a hole
and can't get back out?

I feel like giving up,
but i know i have to
keep trying,
but at the same time

i'm not strong enough.
Everytime I see him
I weaken.
I'm not strong enough.

The author's comments:
I've got this friend that means alot to me. I started to look up to him as a brother. Come to find out I really have feelings for this boy. And it hurts to know that he isn't looking for a relationship, and it hurts me. I know he isn't trying to hutr mr but it hurts..

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