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Just Another Why??

May 18, 2010
By Trisket GOLD, Ely, Nevada
Trisket GOLD, Ely, Nevada
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Its About Learning To Dance In The Rain."

Why Did You Leave Me,
Why Did You Have To Leave Me Like That?
I Dont Understand.
I Loved You SO Much,
You Say You Dont Want Me In Your Life,
But You Also Said I Was The Best Thing In It.. And Yet I Dont Get It.
You Messed Up My Life And Made Alot Of Hurt,
And Now All You Do Is Treat Me Like Dirt.
"Bye Forever!"
Never!! Its See You Later,
But You Dont Want It To Be Like That.
Why? Why? Why?
Questions Race Threw My Head,
Some Even He cant Answer.
His Words Roam Threw My Mind,
Like Shooting Stars Trying To Find There Way Out,
But Dont Know How.
Why? Why? Why?
"So Can We Be Friends?"
His Answer is No!
Do You Get It?
Cause I Dont..
So Explain To ME,
So I Cant See,
Why He Doesnt Love Me.
He Had My <3,
And Tore It Apart.
And He Still Doesnt Care.
Why? Why? Why?

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