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Nature's Oppurtunity For Sadness

June 3, 2010
By poeticjunkie93 GOLD, Chesterfield, Missouri
poeticjunkie93 GOLD, Chesterfield, Missouri
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Gazing sweetly from under a tree
I see you walk by
The pace of your feet
Setting in motion
The pound of my heart
The beat on the pavement
The thought from the start

By and bye
Shadows pass across the sky
Patterns of leaves
Playing shapes in my eyes
And the movement of feet
Set on the stone
Gone and cold
I alone

From my view below branches
My form unseen
I never was, never could be known

Only a vague distance lies between us
From where we both laid
From where I know lie

Continuing to stare
Swiftly crossing
Before I can let go
Tree branches invading my image
You leave
And do what you must
To close off the vision

Desperately ripping away the tree limbs
Crashing all around me
Leaves and petals falling down
Scattering my wits, splaying my dreams
Leaving but this lonely soul
To wait under a pale blue sky
Hoping someday you might again pass by

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