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Rose of Meaning

June 1, 2010
By TheSummoningFreak PLATINUM, Lugoff, South Carolina
TheSummoningFreak PLATINUM, Lugoff, South Carolina
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if you can never let yourself fall you'll never know what it's like to love


a red rose means
"i love you"

a deep pink rose means
"thank you"

regular pink rose means
"I'm very happy with our relationship

a light pick rose means

a white rose means

a yellow rose means
"I care"

a lavender rose means
"falling in love"

a orange rose means
"I desire to get to know you better"

a black rose means

a blue rose means

a mixture of red and white roses means
"May we always be together as one."

the roses of out lives
the colors and meanings
make up what life is
a rose is a rose
and can mean more then one thing
a rose tells the story
roses and life
the meaning of the color
the rose can tell you something
by just it's color
a rose of life

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