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All I Want To Do Is Cry

June 1, 2010
By ericers123 GOLD, Chester, Other
ericers123 GOLD, Chester, Other
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"People never change, circumstances do."- Me.

A day of work,
A day of heartbreaks.
A day of focus and
A day of headaches.
All I want is to
The day is young.
The sun is beaming.
The birds sing well,
While I am dreaming.
All I want is to
I climb so high,
I reach to the top.
I take a sit down,
And just look up.
All I can see are
The turtle cries,
Becasue hes too slow.
The baby elephant,
Is left alone to grow.
All I want to do is

The author's comments:
This poem is actually suppost to about a sport or game. Well, imagination is a game, right? Cloud watching is quit a famous game and your allways going to win, right? Think again...

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