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Ode To My Shadow

June 1, 2010
By ericers123 GOLD, Chester, Other
ericers123 GOLD, Chester, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"People never change, circumstances do."- Me.

O'one who ahs been with me all of my life.
In the dark, and in the light, Your never very far.
You always stay alive,
You were the one who was always by my side.
Without you- my llife would be meaningless,
The way you walk with such bliss.
You never change, and you never will.
To you my shadow; What light you fulfill.

The author's comments:
Most people would assume that this is an ode to my shadow. The shad of grey that follows me where ever I go. Your wrong. This is an Ode to my Shadow. Shadows my Dog, I wrote about him, becasue he inspires me more of a free soul, that something that I owe.

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