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June 22, 2010
By sugrstix GOLD, Zionsville, Indiana
sugrstix GOLD, Zionsville, Indiana
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I feel it again
The sinking feeling
Dictating my body and emotions
The one that contorts my lips into a frown
Making my eyes swell with tears
Creating morsels of emotion
To drip down my inflamed cheeks
It’s back
This never would have happened if we hadn’t
You know
I’m sure you remember as well as I
Can you recall?
That night
Where everything changed
That brought me to this moment
Where words flow from my fingertips
The same words in fact that are sealed behind my lips
That night that has lead to so much more
and nothing at all
There is no advancing from that step
That choice
We passed go, we collected two hundred dollars
And we continue in an ellipse of steps
To repeat in course of action
Isn’t that strange?
How something so significant
Can become,
a routine

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