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The daughter of the sand

June 15, 2010
By wearewed BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
wearewed BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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never let your eyes tell your heart what to feel but let your heart teel your eyes what to see

There is a women who bares a child deep in the forest of a island far away
Upon the green blue speckled field of gentle noisy waves comes a gentle land
Where even the master mind could use a helping hand
The women is the daughter of sand growing up along the shore and playing with it’s
Hand. She finally has a new life to behold.

There are creatures stalking the thickets of the forest the ones who grab
the daughter of the sand. She grows sick her lover cries and one day she comes
A little girl is born to the world lungs stretching out crying

Grabbing for her mother the one who is no longer there
The mother slipping away the fathers cries with the child
For the daughter of the sand is gone a tear flowing on her cheek
Her final place among the sand her mother her grace

The child knows of the sadness come and plays every day
Not in the sand but the waves and she smiles for now the daughter of the
Sand started the daughter of the waves

The author's comments:
i originally wrote this in 5th grade i edtited it and remaade it

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