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You Know, I Won't Ever Forget.

June 21, 2010
By paintmeapicture GOLD, Castlegar, Other
paintmeapicture GOLD, Castlegar, Other
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Been looking in all the wrong places
All the passion in my face says, every glance you spare for me, it's all I need
But you, are out of my league
And I'm, just young and naive
Don't try to make me believe this will be different, because it won't

Been looking up at you
Standing on tiptoe to try to imagine the view, from way up there, where everyone is sure
But I, never know what to say
Always feel, like I'm getting in the way
It's not fair, I thought you could care
But you've proved exactly how this is going to be, by the way you won't even answer me

I'm not, trying to complain
I just thought, you could feel the same
But no one does feel the same as me
It's a one way battle, only ending in defeat
I need, solid ground
It's so hard, when you're still floating around
I'm not fine, wish I could rewind, but I can't

It's so humbling, when the only time I'm viewed as lovely, is when you're stumbling
And it's not alright, but I'll be ok
I always make it through, someday

I'm so many things, you can't even see
The originality bursting from within me
I need to heal my wounds slowly, it's the only way
To escape your lightly grasping fingers, mocking me

You can't make me feel fake
You can't make me feel any less than who I am today
You can't get everything you want from me
You can't sit in front of me, stare in my eyes, and expect me to believe every lie
Not this time

I saw the grass as this much greener thing, lusher on the other side
I got a taste for winning that race, but it's too late this time
Let them think what they want to think, I'll guard our memories forever pure,
It's just I'm so sick of trying, honestly I can't do it anymore.

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