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The Apology

July 2, 2010
By taytay07 PLATINUM, Southwick, Massachusetts
taytay07 PLATINUM, Southwick, Massachusetts
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my love,
These past few years have been,
And I know this is way pass due,
that this may mean nothing to you,
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry that I acted so mean,
I should have seen
how much it hurt you.
I'm sorry you think I hate you,
that's far from true.
I'm sorry that I'm so shy,
I'm not gonna lie.
I'm sorry I told you to get a girlfriend,
when in reality,
I wished it was me you were dating.
I'm sorry I was a jealous mess.
I'm sorry I called you names,
I hate these stupid love games.
I'm sorry I cared so much about you.
I'm sorry I couldn't take my eyes off you.
I'm sorry you were in my dreams.
I'm sorry I wanted to talk to you everyday.
the biggest mistake of all...
I loved you,
more than you could ever love me.
I'm sorry...
I wasted your time.
I'm sorry...

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