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July 6, 2010
By DustyCheyanne<3 SILVER, Excelsior Springs, Missouri
DustyCheyanne<3 SILVER, Excelsior Springs, Missouri
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Its going to hurt, before it feels better. Trust me.. Its worth it.

ivef oundt hati fi shuto ut
everyo thers oundt hats uroundsm e
illn everh avea nythingt os ay
thusm akingm es ilent
thes ilentp uppet
youw ishedf or
sog oa heada ndp ullm ys trings
whiley ous tillc an
fort hisp uppetw illb ecome
ar ealp erson
Nop inocchiof airytale
forr eal.
iw illb em yo wnp erson.
Iw ill.

The author's comments:
I've recently found that my feelings and rants flow together. one ends with the beginning of another. and thats exactly how this poem is.

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