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Loosing You Against The War.

July 7, 2010
By Trisket GOLD, Ely, Nevada
Trisket GOLD, Ely, Nevada
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You Left me here,
With nothing to say,
No room to breath,
Or nothing to speak.
What happened to us,
What happened to the way things used to be?
I didnt know you could love me so much, and that you actully fell in love.
I didnt think about it till it was over and done.
I know i broke your Heart,
And i know that you dont care,
However many time i apologize,
The hurt is still there.
When i tried to make things better,
You didnt want me to.
And afterwards.. I dont know why,
But i couldnt stand to look at you!
I love you so much,
And everything thats happened,
Tore me apart.
I knew the ARMY was where you were headed,
But it came way to soon.
Now i stand here,
Shocked and confused.
My Lover is gone, and theres nothing i can do!
4 Weeks of training, 2 Weeks at home, 8 Long years of facing death.
And im still here.... Alone.
why did this love life,
Turn to be a mess?

The author's comments:
My so called "Lover" Finally Left for the army! And he didnt want a goodbye from me, He didnt even wanna see me, I really didnt know i hurt him that bad.

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