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Lions in the Sand

July 8, 2010
By Timekeeper DIAMOND, Cary, North Carolina
Timekeeper DIAMOND, Cary, North Carolina
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In the bottom of the ocean
Lies a city skyline no one notices
And a future filled with things I don't quite understand
What are dreams made of, if not nightmares
Then what?
And in the school asylum prison
Sheep walk tall as lions in the sand
A portrait of life is cast upon the wall
By a shadow from the moonlight
And a mountain buried by the sky
The sounds of a hero, marching onwards to the end
Wishing only for one more good night's sleep
She says "Where are we?
Where are we when all the cliches run out?"
I'll tell you where we are
We're nowhere and every where
Yet nowhere all the same
Fiction draws from fame until the truth
The truth, the truth is all the more forgone
Sinking through the storm of noise and tears
We walk farther from the things
The things we know we are
And I'll tell you where we are
We are all the future
The same and all alone
The same
And all

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