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I love you rainbow

July 9, 2010
By Friggi PLATINUM, Manassas, Virginia
Friggi PLATINUM, Manassas, Virginia
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i love you red like cherries and roses and our freezing tiny noses
I love you pink like valentines and sherley temples i love to drink
I love you orange like oranges and there tangy flavor
i love you yellow like daffodils danceing in the breeze
I love you green like grassy meadows and frogs jumping in the brook
I love you blue like our vast sky and our rivers flowing
I love you purple like irisis and mountains and the moor

I love you red once again like grandpas rusty ford pickup
I love you pink like my cheeks blushing at me
I love you orange ever more like tulips in the spring
I love you yellow like the bird thats sits and sings its song
I love you green like ghe leaves on the trees we lay and laugh under
I love you blue like oceans too, and everything within it
I love you prurple like like the storm clouds that soon will bring the rain
I love you black and white and all the colors in between
You are the color in my world so your my everything
If you dont believe ask the sky, ask the ocean and the flowers for if it werent for your light no one could se their colors

i love you rainbow

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I love you

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