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window to the soul

July 20, 2010
By shakesbeer GOLD, Middletown, Connecticut
shakesbeer GOLD, Middletown, Connecticut
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Those eyes have something to hide, paired uneven like conjunctions and filled with judgment. Eyes that wrinkle the brow and force the mouth into a frown, eyes of weary that have the look of a life of many years, what is behind those determined eyes? Is it evil, is it shame? Why oh eyes must we play this guessing game. In these eyes it looks as if joy has died no evidence of previous laughter or smiles. So stern so stiff so sorrowful so sulky so sad. The eyes are so maddening its saddening. Their gaze burns they seem to yelp, yearning for learning for cure they need guide. Those eyes have something to hide, Secrets bitter like rye but hard to divulge like rye. Eye you are the window to the soul, but I am no thief direct me to the door. What do you have to hide, we all have sin remove your weathered shield, don't hide. Inside, beneath our shells, we are all weak and fragile we have all been subject to torment.
All our eyes have to hide is your humanity, do not be ashamed shed your disguise.
If you cry cryptic eyes, then you feel pain so you’re alive.

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