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Shadow, My Dark Twin

June 21, 2010
By qwertyqwerty123 PLATINUM, Concord, California
qwertyqwerty123 PLATINUM, Concord, California
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"prey on the old and your a coward
prey on the young and your pathetic
prey on the weak and your even weaker
prey on my friends and your history"
- fearless: payback (book 6) by francine pascal

The match sparked
to life
throwing my silhouette
into sharp relief

I brought
the tiny flame
close to the floor

my dark twin
that fell across
the wooden slats

My fingers
and barely touched
their black counterparts

My twin, she looks
so peaceful – after all
shadows cannot reflect
the turmoil

A tear
dripped down
on the girl at my feet

The match went out
burning my fingertips
but the pain
did not bother me

It never does

The night came up
and engulfed me
My twin melted in
with all the surrounding

My teardrops froze
and with the light gone
I disappeared

leaving behind only
my shadow

The author's comments:
This is a fiction piece. I am not the girl in the poem, nor do I have any clue who she is. I'm not sure what inspired me to write this, but after weeks of writers' block, I came up with this. I don't write much free verse, so I hope you like it.

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