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July 27, 2010
By Kukura DIAMOND, Denver, Colorado
Kukura DIAMOND, Denver, Colorado
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At first, I was put off by your bright lights
the way you would humbly dance to your own beat
wavering in the wind like a falling leaf
reaching to the sky like a mother tree

I began to reach out, and surprisingly didn’t regret
as your warm being tickled my heart
you started to light up my midnight sigh
you held me up to gaze under a new light

When I was away, I began to long for you
long for your warmth, long for your light
All of a sudden, my nights had become cold and lonely
dull, like the stillness of a twilight snow

It seemed you had begun to warm up to me too
Although you wouldn’t show, I could see you shimmer and shine
Shining brighter than any star once I stepped into the room
But, I bet if I were a star, I would shine brighter

After a short while, I couldn’t fight my feelings any longer
You had sparked inside of me, igniting a foreign flame
Thought I fought it at first, it lashed and bit at me
As I have finally accepted it, the warmness has grown

Yesterday, I reached out to you with my flame on the line
Arms wide open, my vulnerability was set to the side
But, did you notice? If you did, you didn’t show it
I felt raw and charred like a candle past its prime

These burns, these scars will never quite heal
But, as I tumble back, you continue to burn bright
My flame is dying now, a small spark once again
Are you going to put me out, or just leave me waiting?

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