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(As Relient K says) Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care

July 27, 2010
By Katie_Grey DIAMOND, Leipsic, Ohio
Katie_Grey DIAMOND, Leipsic, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
Difficult is not impossible - Relient K, "Hope for Every Fallen Man"

If all I had was love, would I still be lovely?
If all I gave was love, would you give up on me?
-House of Heroes, "Love is for the Middle Class"

My mind stirs with an image
As close as it gets to reality.
The waves crash gently against the waiting sand.
The sky curls and cries in the slick color of ash
Burning red, gray, white and black.
I'm not afraid, yet the others are unsure.
He stands next to me without being seen-
In my hand is somethnig so simple,
He promises it will scare the shadows away.
A breeze blows softly, though the air
Weighs heavily on our lungs.
I hold the object that will save us;
Something that children are scolded for so often,eating.
My bare feet mesh with each grain
Of warm ground,
I stand tall-confident
As He whispers instructions in my ear.
Hope and fear build in each gasp of
The crowd around me.
Pulling back my arm, I thrust the weapon
Toward the ashen sky.
His immeasurable strength flows through me
And it sends the object flying.
The crayon sticks like a dart into the darkened heavens.
Sighs of relief and shouts of amazement
Flood the atmosphere
As the charred air above us
Begins to disappear.
Color! Oh beautiful Robin's Egg Blue
Stretches like taffy
Across the vast horizon.
The joy cannot be contained as laughter and exulted cries
Roar in my ears.
We skip and run;
Each stride full of victory
Down the beach singin,
“You're sleep walking, I'm sleep walking,
You're sleep walking, I'm still talking.”

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