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My Ruby Slippers

July 27, 2010
By Katie_Grey DIAMOND, Leipsic, Ohio
Katie_Grey DIAMOND, Leipsic, Ohio
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Difficult is not impossible - Relient K, "Hope for Every Fallen Man"

If all I had was love, would I still be lovely?
If all I gave was love, would you give up on me?
-House of Heroes, "Love is for the Middle Class"

Like the tiger lilies scattered outside this quaint little town and the sugar sprinkled over the ripe red strawberries of the season, so my heart is, piece by tiny piece floating in the breeze right along side the dandelion seeds. Both of which whisper the wishes of aching souls longing for more.
The little scarlet crystals reflect the beauty that resides in the host.
Each consisting of pictures, faces,
dear memories and dark, seemingly forgotten regrets.
They all go their separate ways as the beguiling wind thrusts them onward.
I know not where their paths are intended to lead them,
all I can do is watch them go
and cling tightly to the one ruby of great importance-
Here I clasp the one jewel that calls your name,
In it I have put nothing yet it remains full,
it sings as innocently as a robin at the break of day
and it shines with the radiance of a mother's face when she lays her eyes on
her newly born child
I hold it close, protecting it until the day I can leave my body behind
and let it lead me home to you.

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