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when you are here

August 6, 2010
By maybesomeday2 GOLD, Atlanta, Georgia
maybesomeday2 GOLD, Atlanta, Georgia
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"if we begin to discover a feeling within ourselves that nothin in this world can satisfy we should begin to wonder if perhaps we were created for another world" -C.S Lewis

When you are here…
Nothing can touch me.
I’m so safe in your arms,
I can practically feel your love pouring over me.
Covering me completely,
Leaving me with a peace that I have never known before

When you are here…
The monsters can’t scare me.
The pain can’t reach me.
I don’t have to fight my battles alone, when you are here.
You do it for me,
And for the first time I feel brave
Because I know I have already won

When you are here…
Everything is ok.
There is no darkness,
Nothing to run or hide from
My past is easily forgotten when I’m wrapped in your arms.

When you are here…
I can forget my failures,
And my mistakes
I know I’m forgiven, and when I forget
You never mind whispering a reminder in my ear

When you are here…
Your hands remind me that my own scars are
Forever forgotten in your eyes
That my sin is washed so clean it’s as if they
Never existed

When you are here…
It’s easy for me to love.
Easy for me to accept my failures
I can see myself through your eyes, and I feel wanted

When you are here…
I have the hope that I won’t hurt anymore.
I have your promise that I don’t have to feel alone…

Please don’t leave me.

The author's comments:
this is a poem about God and the way His prescence changes everything

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