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September Massacres

August 10, 2010
By poeticjunkie93 GOLD, Chesterfield, Missouri
poeticjunkie93 GOLD, Chesterfield, Missouri
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Blood scattered among the leaves
Crisp wind carries the scent of death
And grief hangs in the air, like the fading of daylight
Thousands of bodies, clusters of barren trees
No more warmth survives, people without a voice
And the destruction of this world, a preamble to the winter
Will be engraved into those stone squares, cobble streets, hillsides, and darkened forests
History will know of those September days
Lives lost cannot remain
Nothing but the soiled image
Of gowns and ascots drenched in sorrow
Stay stuck in the pages of humanities eternal story

The author's comments:
This was inspired by the actual historical event of the September Massacres during the French Revolution...Something about the cause and effect of this horrific event prompted me to write this poem as I channeled the peoples feelings of the time

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