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As Time Goes By

August 22, 2010
By Taylor Mann GOLD, Cave Creek, Arizona
Taylor Mann GOLD, Cave Creek, Arizona
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Time is time,
It can heal the wounds that cause you much pain,
Time can be good,

Slowly counting down the happy memories you feel,
But it works in ways of wonder,
For it also counts down the moments of your life,
But when you’re young,
It is all happy,
Until time gets to the best of you,
You grow old and time marks every wrinkle on your face,
Every pain in your back,
Time no longer feels like a friend to you,
And you don’t remember the joy that time brought you as a child,
So live your life,
Second by second,
And don’t think about regrets,
Because time may be on your side now,
But it’s slowly fading from your grip,
With every minute that goes by

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