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Burning Alive

August 19, 2010
By Flouter GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
Flouter GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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Some might say that the sun doesn't shine when they are sad
but when I'm sad the sun shines like a the inferno it is
It burns my skin like laying in the center of a volcano
Burning and destroying every thought and memory ever to bring me joy
It eats away at my soul like demons sent upon me
Sent to destroy my sanity from my own personal hell
The fire begins to spread with the speed of light
Spreading ,first, to my family, then friends, and so on
They burn along with me, feel my suffering
I should realize what is happening
But I am too distracted from the torment of my own flames
I want the fire to stop, I contemplate just putting an end to it all
But if I did that, the flames of the others would escalate
Making what used to be my happy life a living hell to those I care about
So I must attempt to put out the flame
I hope I can before it's too late

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