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August 15, 2010
By agentAW BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
agentAW BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Her skin is porcelain, her eyes glint something untouchable.

Hair brighter than the sun, heroin pumping through veins; she is all that I need.

Her voice sweet as warm honey drip dropping from the teddy bear bottle.

A rough and tumble girl from the other side of the world, careful to avoid breathing her in.
She will stay with you forever.

Dust thrown back to the wind; she is an irrelevant piece of earth, a diamond encased in carbon.

I will pull her from the coming tide; she is the path that I want to follow.

The author's comments:
Well, some people that I've shown this poem to think that it has something to do with "Twilgiht." Now, looking back on it, I do see certain references, however, mimicing "Twilgiht" was not my intention. I was inspired by a character in a sroty I am writing; this poem describes that character!

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