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What Is!

August 24, 2010
By jhull09 SILVER, Braddyville, Iowa
jhull09 SILVER, Braddyville, Iowa
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It was a stumble to the ground
That skinned my knee,
When I rode my first bike!
It was my first day of pre-school,
Then it was time to graduate!
It was that first bus ride to school,
Where I met my best friend!
It was learning to swim in the deep end
When I was terrified of drowning!
It was my first love,
Who broke my heart!
It was trying to be someone else
For all those people.
It was my teenage years,
Man they were wild!
It was the good times with friends and family,
Then it was the worst.
It was being the oldest,
Looking up to my younger brother.
It was my proudest moments,
And my regrets.
It was facing my fears,
While struggling with my life.
It was those little moments,
That make up what IS!

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