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Summer Vacation

September 15, 2010
By darraasheaa GOLD, New City, New York
darraasheaa GOLD, New City, New York
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The freedom of having nothing you have to do,
but sit, relax, and sit some more.
You can curl up on the couch, the heat
radiating around you, as you take a nice,
long nap. No where you have to be.
Just here, in the moment.
You and the couch.
You and the slight ticking of the clock
above you, but the ticks mean
nothing. No agenda, no plans.
Just here, in the moment.
Eyes closed, world out, even your breathing
has slowed to a calm, peaceful movement.
Up, down. Up, down.
In the background, the sounds of cars go
along with their day outside pass by. The
vibrations of their thick, rubber tires against
the rough asphalt and gravel travel
through your being.
They all have places to go…
not you.
The voices of people on the street,
yelling, calling for one another, laughing
about something you did not hear.
Skateboards, bikes, a ball being passed back and forth,
as you observe your surroundings behind the
safety of your living room window.
And then,
the smell.
Barbeque on a crisp, summer evening.
You know this is what you have been waiting for
all summer long, as you intake the aroma of meat and smoke.
The mere definition of the season.
And you know that no matter how many homework assignments,
research papers, and club meetings it took to get here,
you are living summer vacation.
Just here, in the moment.

The author's comments:
A classroom assignment in a Writer's Workshop class, this poem was inspired by the poem "Vacation" by Rita Dove and by the teenager's love for summer vacation.

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