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R.I.P. Abuela

September 26, 2010
By JaySwag GOLD, Lindenwold, New Jersey
JaySwag GOLD, Lindenwold, New Jersey
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I cannot comprehend that you are no longer here
You have physically disappeared from this earth
But its like your still here with me
Because whenever i close my eyes
I can see your face?I can see you smiling back at me
I feel your love enveloping me everywhere I go
Whenever I look at my mom, aunts, and uncles
I see everything you’ve worked for
And I’m proud to say that I’m a part of your family
Because that is exactly what it is
Its your family
It always has been
It always will be
You were the matriarch of our family
You were the rock that held us together
You were the strong one,
Who walked in the Valley of Death
Yet came back because we needed you too
But, finally, you are comfortable with where we are at
You know that your mission is complete
And you are tired of fighting
And so, instead of letting death take you into his cold hands on his own
You chose to go on your own accord
And to be one with the Father
You chose to dance in heaven with your husband
Just like you wanted
You always told me that I was special
Or that I would make it someday
And I’m going to prove that to you
I promise
I know that you are better off now
But just know that I love you
And always will
Just know that I miss you
and always will
Just know that you are my Abuela
And always will be

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for my Abuela, with whom I was very close. She passed away in August of 2010, and I will never forget her. R.I.P. Abuelita.

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