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Child Of Mine

October 1, 2010
By LaurenE. PLATINUM, Nashville, Tennessee
LaurenE. PLATINUM, Nashville, Tennessee
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Child of mine,
Read and be patient.
Listen but never speak.
Watch and be mindful of your own actions,
For actions reflect our thoughts,
And our thoughts are parts of those who act around us.

Child of mine,
The things which flow through you are timeless.
Don’t run out before you use them.
As I write to you,
Unknowing of what you are,
Know that listening is not only a concentration but a desire.
Desire for what is well for you
Dear child of mine.
Guard your heart of those who pry.
Be of which with the talented,
For there you find your own talents.

Child of mine,
Being alone will drive you to madness of find what you love,
But among friends, the love will opens its door.
Understanding is not always the key,
Mysteries can be left unsolved.
Cleanse your mind with the beauty you see everyday,
Write a lyric about the earth,
There you will find its true beauty.

Above all pray,
Child of mine.
Pray and ask for blessings,
Along with thanking Him for being blessed.
His love will be enough,
Though you will wish to find another love.
Be tender with your love,
Remember each heart is of glass,
Easily broken and hardly repaired.
Don’t spend your life trying to fix others,
A helping hand is always welcome,
But then the helping are also left unattended.

Be brave,
Child of mine.
And know my love is as unbendable as the sky,
And as grounded as the hills.
Keep your promises,
Laugh everyday,
Open your heart to others,
And listen.
Dear child of mine,
God is always watching over you.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in the mind set of: if I had children, and if God had taken me home when they were very young, I would want them, once they came of age, to read this poem. For it is apart of what I was taught, and what I would want my children to be taught by me, to let them know that I still loved and cared for them.

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