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Would I be Lying

October 8, 2010
By singingchic15 SILVER, Belfast, Maine
singingchic15 SILVER, Belfast, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
Which hurts the most:
Saying something and wishing you had not,
Or saying nothing,
and wishing you had?

Would I be Lying…

Would I be lying,
if I didn’t tell you that every piece of my soul,
feels like it’s dying?

Would I be lying,
if I didn’t tell you that my heartbeat,
is getting slower and slower every day;
in ways that I cannot even begin to say?

Would I be lying,
if I told you that this brutal cycle,
brutal cycle of life is starting,
starting to kill me?

Cuz I am not lying,
this is all part of my life’s stupid reality.
There is no possibility.
I wouldn’t be SANE if I didn’t tell you the truth.

I wouldn’t be lying if I wished you could:
Feel my pain,
hear my cries,
and for you to see the darkness in my eyes.
I keep running and running,
with nowhere to go.
And I’m tripping and falling along the way.
Leaving trails of pain,
tears are rapidly making their way down my face.
And the way I move is anything but pure grace.

I’m feeling tired and hurt;
can’t you see the hurt that hides within the depths,
of my deep brown eyes?
But of course you can’t,
you’re too busy focused on the ground,
making sure that you cannot see,
my tears making no sound as they continue their journey;
their journey down my blank expressionless face.

You don’t understand
any of my pain going on inside at all.

I keep waiting and waiting for something to come.
But when it doesn’t show,
all I do is get up and run.
Run from my fears,
even while knowing that when I come back,
they’ll be twice as hard to overcome.
But when it comes to an end,
would I be lying,
if I said I want to die?


The author's comments:
My inner battles deep within

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