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The Day the Earth Melted

October 10, 2010
By A.Bekah.Girl GOLD, Menlo Park, California
A.Bekah.Girl GOLD, Menlo Park, California
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The colors of the sky
Are making madness out of nothing
Purple swirls in a midnight rainbow
That shooting star was just a plane

She places one foot then the other
Solidly in soaking earth
Soft like silk between her toes
Dirt and mud feel wonderful today

The sky begins to blend
Together with the soft horizon
It flattens out and stretches wide
She has to tilt her head to see

Tripping over mile long stones
Her body isn’t stretching with them
All the colors of the earth
Mixed by the lovely dancing bears

Ginger, garlic, peppermint
The recipe of molten earth
She can’t tell if she’s eating
Or perhaps just smelling all the world

No more room for so tall a figure
She slips out the back of the earth
Onto the wings of the stars
It’s time to fly away

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