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Remembrance Rain

October 13, 2010
By WALL-E DIAMOND, Portland, Oregon
WALL-E DIAMOND, Portland, Oregon
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I am ignoring
The rain
As it patters soft sweet against my window
It's telling me remember
But I can't you see
Because I'm planning to forget you
I'm going to let you drift away
On the tides of my imagination
Until you go over
The edge
Of the world

Don't you want to
The droplets ask as they
S-lo-ow-l-y press themselves to the glass
Remember when
I'm going to ignore it
Like the look on your face
When I told you I was leaving

Sometimes they coalesce
On my window sill
Making pools in which
I can see
Your face
And it is reflected
In the clouds and the sky
A reminder
Why didn't you follow me

The clouds break
Sun comes and shatters
Each one of your faces
There are none now
Except in the tiny pools that drain
From my window sill
You didn't call

I cannot find your face
In the rain anymore
Or in the reflection of the tears
That now fall
Even as I tell myself
That you forgot
To remember

There are things to do
Better things
Than watching
Waiting for the rain
Or is it waiting
For you

The author's comments:
Written on a rainy day, of course. Just a rough draft...

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