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What Is It?

October 25, 2010
By Emjue SILVER, Tucson, Arizona
Emjue SILVER, Tucson, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"Because people remain ignorant of the fact that their life is infinitely precious and at one with the eternal universe, they live indifferent to the dignity of other people's lives."
-Daisaku Ikeda

Is there an answer to life?
Something so intangible
So confusing,
That no one knows
No one knows the answer
To the biggest thing in this universe

Please I beg you.
Tell me.
I want to know.
I need to know.
This is my only chance,
to finally be someone.
To be someone that meant something to someone.
I need to be remembered.
For something
Just tell me.

What is life?
What is it made out of?
Who invented it?
How can it be proven to exist?
Is it tangible?
Can I give it to someone?

Answer my questions please.
I just ask you this simple question.

Where can i find it?
How long do i have to wait for it to grow?
Will it ever leave me?
Will is ever leave this world?
Will it go on forever?

This is the last moment.
This is it.
I am leaving.
So whether of not you tell me,
I'll find out.

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