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October 28, 2010
By Kara_Hikaru SILVER, Plaquemine, Louisiana
Kara_Hikaru SILVER, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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It was stupid. Completely stupid. We all knew what happened. We all knew what we wanted to happen. But it wouldn't matter. All the cries rained down on deaf ears. All the tears kept coming down. I knew from experience that they would never stop. We all have to wait. For we know only miracles can save them.
All the caresses and hugs seemed useless. It helped ease the pain but never fully stopped it. The pain would never fully heal. The heart would forever be pierced and scarred. You just wouldn't think of that person as much anymore. All the 'It's going to be alright's were lies and I knew that. It would never be alright. It would never be okay. It would never be the same. But life goes on. Just try harder and accept what fate has befallen the fallen ones.
As everyone lay beside each other saying and praying, 'you'll make it. Don't worry. They'll make it.'
I know for a fact, as my tears fall, they are lying. Why pretend everything's going to be okay and they'll make it?
While everyone says, 'They'll make it.' I say to myself, 'we know we're lying to ease the dark truth.
I say I believed in you. I always will. I love you.
You'll never be forgotten. You'll live on.
Though I'm sad now, and I hide it.
It's no use being sad. It only hurts you and the ones you love.
My sorrow stabs through almost everything, but I know I'll live to tell the tale.
I'll live to tell how you laid there, motionless and emotionless.
You didn't look the same. You were the same person though.
More tears and sorrow pierced through my veins.
I think back to your baby girl.
Not even one year old.
She'll wonder, and ask every night.
"Where's Mommy?"
"Why isn't she here?"
"Why does everyone cry when I speak about her?"
She'll wonder why her mommy left her.
I wouldn't have the guts to tell her about what happened that Monday night.
The night the car flipped.
The car that she was in. The car that you were in when you nearly killed yourself.
It was an accident. You didn't mean it. You never meant for this to happen.
We know that's the truth.
I cried all night long when I watched you. I watched your motionless body.
I cried when the beeps on the heart monitor ceased. I cried when the beats of your heart fell silent.
You opened your eyes one last time but all that came out were gasps and chokes.
As you closed your eyes one last time I saw the message…
'I'm sorry…'
It meant everything…
I cried, but as I listened and fell silent.
I could hear the cries of a child…
…A baby…
Your baby girl's cries.
…She cries with you and us…

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