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October 27, 2010
By Chica-de-sonrisas SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
Chica-de-sonrisas SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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I walked beside the sunflowers
with Cheshire-cat grins
and wondered why they seemed so small
I wandered by the rabbit's hole
with sweet tarts hidden
and walked inside the long hall.
Big Doors,Little Doors,Doors with Locks
I listened behind each for the sound of a Mock
Turtle,Turtle Soup,Soup of Tears
the tears of poor "alas!" when the key was not near.
So i tapped
with the tap
of a Mad Hatter's tap
to find my way out of this dream
And I laughed
with a laugh,
the caterpillar's laugh
when the hookah smoke clouded my seeing.
...So when the dormouse yawns wide
Go to the cavity inside.
I did.
I was looking for vitality
But what I found
In actuality,was...

The author's comments:
i try to include in all of my poems a sense of balance and rhythm.. so when it seems like there is none, you have to look closely :)

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