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I want you to know.

October 27, 2010
By Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
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the things ive never dared

to ever share before

are tucked neatly in order

right behind this locked door

and id be glad to show you

and get these skeletons out

i really need some space these days

cause its hard to ignore the shouting

and pouting and doubting of this life

but the key is tied secure around my neck

and everytime i awake i go to check

if its still there along with all my secrets

but im sick of this burden

im sick of this fear taking me over

i wanna be done and grab a four leaf clover

to fix all this bad luck thats on my plate

what kids is meant to devour this s***

in the state, to clean the slate that

he dirtied on his own

he’ll take in as much as he can

and stay up late to grab the phone

make one call, to speak to the one he loves

before he tumbles down into the downfall

that we all indure

some when were old and broke

some when were young and stoked

but in order to fall into place

and let this puzzle align into the face

were supposed to mold out to be

we must find that one person

and ask them to snatch the key

from the string around our throats

have them venture into the wilderness without our coats

out onto our own to become

what nature intended to see from

the heights of the heavens

and depths of the hells

and somethings in his head ringing bells

so loud and clear but its all a blur

where do we go from here?

the voices tell him the path they cleared out

but he squints his eyes and shakes his head

drops the key and decides to leave

into the bushes where no path lays

he decides on his own to betray

all that they ever said

and to live his life instead.

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