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Darkest Light

November 5, 2010
By Kara_Hikaru SILVER, Plaquemine, Louisiana
Kara_Hikaru SILVER, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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"Live your life like you want to, because the people who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."~ Unknown

The world is as grand as everyone says it is. The world is one of the most beautiful places. The world could not live up to its expectations because of humans. The world is now a dark place because of humans. Lies are always told.

Scars are always created. Pain is an emotion we all know. No one knows what true happiness is anymore. There is no love, only hate. The world is darker than the night sky.

The hearts of the people of the world have become heartless because of never ending unfaithfulness. They have lost all faith and belief in themselves, and those around them. Why have they lost all the positive things in their hearts? There are many answers, but one would be weakness. This horrible fear of the human heart has plagued us for more years than we can count.

Weakness becomes fear. This weakness is like a form of abuse.

Fear becomes weakness, and soon consumes us into oblivion. The heart becomes a place of perpetual darkness and despair. We crumble from the inside out. The bottled up emotions claw at our hearts wanting to destroy us and rule us. People commit crimes because of their pain whether it is physical or emotional.

The people are victims to their emotions and fall under the spell of pain. They get clouded and their judgment does not make sense. They go through turmoil and it takes over plunging them into the darkness. Some accept this darkness and are ruled by it. Some try to escape even though they know this is a feeble attempt and it with lead to no success.

Some people do escape the darkness. They see the light and lead very happy lives. Even though they see the light live happily ever after, the darkness comes back to haunt them night after night. No matter how much you want to escape or how many times you try, it is inevitable. You will never be able to forget why, when, or how these horrible nightmares happened.

You will not be able to forget, and you will be haunted. The darkness will live on for the rest of your life.

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